Issue 7 and Volume 142.

A ROUTINE CALL BECOMES A NIGHTMARE TRAINING NOTEBOOK ON THURSDAY evening, May 26, 1988, the volunteer firefighters from the Twin Hills (CA) Fire District were concluding their weekly drill when Sonoma County’s Central Fire Dispatch alerted Twin Hills to a grass fire in a front yard at Kennedy and Bloomfield Roads. The time was 10:15 p.m. I responded in my department vehicle, expecting this to be an illegal burn barrel or some other type of nuisance call. The night was cool and damp, so a raging brush fire was unlikely. I approached the location and saw a grass fire in an apple orchard just off the road. Tlie fire was about a quarter of an acre in size and was moving slowly through short grass. I notified central dispatch, then slowly cruised by the fire, making my size-up and checking for exposures. I noted a pickup truck parked at the…

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