Issue 7 and Volume 142.

AIR BAGS PART 2 THE RESCUE COMPANY LAST MONTH’S article discussed the various types and sizes of air bags, air bag components, and the limitations and capabilities of the air bag system. Now let’s look at some actual experiences in using these bags, operational guidelines, and maintenance of the system. The newest components to the air bag system have been the smaller bags, designed for limited-access lifting and spreading. These bags are especially helpful when the size of an opening makes it impossible to use a larger bag. In two collapse operations that involved the freeing of a trapped victim, the sixby-six-inch bag was the last piece of equipment used to conclude a successful operation. (The 6″x6″ bag weighs one pound and is capable of lifting 1.5 tons to a height of 3.4 inches using 0.14 cubic feet of air.) In one operation, after two hours of tireless efforts by…

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