Issue 7 and Volume 142.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Manning statistics I read with interest your editorial in April’s Fire Engineering, entitled “Liars Figure, Figures Lie.” A thought came up: Reduced personnel (manning) on engine and truck companies could also be a contributing factor to more firefighter injury statistics even though the number of fires is down. Reduced manpower means fewer firefighters are available to do the job of the original complement of years past. Maybe we as chiefs and other responsible persons in the fire service should campaign for increased personnel. It always seems that when a political subdivision is in financial difficulty, the first cuts are aimed at fire and police personnel. Just think how many personnel would still be “on the books” if the bureaucrats and politicians decided to work for our wages. Ralph L. Lloyd Asst. Chief Carrollton Village (OH) F.D. I enjoyed reading your Editor’s Opinion, “Liars Figure, Figures Lie,”…

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