Issue 7 and Volume 142.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST BAG MASK RESUSCITATOR A Life Support Products disposable bag mask resuscitator is available from Rockford Medical & Safety Co. This resuscitator is for single-patient use/manual resuscitation. It offers accurate, dependable operation, coupled with the economy of a disposable system. The bag itself is made of natural rubber, so it can be stored in a compressed state and still return toits operational shape when needed. Circle No. 3 on Reader Service Card TRAINING SUIT Mar Mac Manufacturing has a haz-mat training suit made from Du Pont Typro, a strong, lightweight, breathable fabric. The suit’s features include a clear, extra-wide face shield; expanded hood/back combination; rear zipper closure; air hose inlet; sock boots; and wrist and boot flaps. The suit is clearly labeled, “For Training Only.” Circle No. 4 on Reader Service Card TWO-WAY RADIO Series 2000 is a five-watt, six-channel radio from Advanced Videotech Corp. that incorporates the best…

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