Issue 7 and Volume 142.

GUEST EDITORIAL (ALMOST) EDITOR’S OPINION “Firefighters, both paid and volunteer, provide for us the definition of a successful life. Which, to my mind, lies in serving others. We are measured in this life by how we treat others. And our firefighters have been this nation’s neighbor since 1736. They are the backbone of America Herself. “The federal government feels that the fire service network deserves a valued place in the community. I think of Yellowstone National Park, stories of building collapse, cave-ins, and other disasters, and yes, even parades in our communities. You should have America’s and this government’s respect. In this administration you have it!” You smile. .. You’ve heard this before? Perhaps, you think, they are the words of a local candidate seeking the “only once valued” fire service vote. Well you couldn’t be further from the truth. These words boomed, seemingly unrehearsed and certainly unread, from the…

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