Issue 7 and Volume 142.

MANUFACTURERS’ LITERATURE VENTILATOR LITERATURE Life Support Products, Inc. introduces literature on its lightweight, portable Automatic Ventilator 2000/3000. The literature includes information on the system’s control module and the patient valve assembly. Specifications and ordering information is provided for both models. Circle No. 34 on Reoder Service Cord APPARATUS BROCHURE American LaFrance’s Century 2000 chassis and cabs are described in a color brochure. The brochure lists the standard features for each, including for the chassis, reinforced bumper and tow eye mounting, and for the cab, the entire cab skin and framework of 304-1, stainless steel construction. There’s also information about the company’s Pacemaker Series, which combines a variety of wellknown cab and chassis styles with all-stainless integral pumping modules, stainless bodies, and aerial equipment. Circle No. 3S on Reader Service Cord WATER TOWER BROCHURE A four-page brochure on the Squrt, a 54-foot water tower, is available from Snorkel. The Squrt can…

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