Issue 7 and Volume 142.

DIVE RESCUE SERIES: LOCATING YOUR OBJECTIVE RESCUE Do you hear “I can’t find it!”? Or do your divers and tenders say “It’s definitely not where we looked!”? THE OBJECT of dive search is to find people and things missing or lost underwater. One of the things I often hear is, “We couldn’t find it. We looked everywhere and still could not find it.” Obviously, if they had looked everywhere, they would have found it. To my way of thinking, if a team can’t find an item, then they missed it. A key element in managing a dive rescue search operation is making sure that the dive team won’t have to recheck an area. Simply stated, to be sure that there is no need to do that, your team must be positive that the item is not where they have already searched. Lieutenant Robert Hayes of the New York City Police…

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