Issue 8 and Volume 142.

DISPATCHES Support grows for “fire-safe” cigarette legislation More than 50 firefighting organizations are supporting the “fire-safe” cigarette legislation pending in Congress. The bill, introduced in January of this year, aims to implement the recommendations of a commission created by Congress in 1984 to evaluate the potential of a less fire-prone cigarette, according to one proponent, Congressman Rick Boucher (D-VA). The committee included firefighters, consumer advocates, and representatives of the tobacco industry. “A year ago, the Interagency Committee on Cigarette and Little Cigar Fire Safety recommended further study of the feasibility of developing such a cigarette and of an ignition propensity standard for the cigarettes,” Boucher explains. An earlier version of the bill was introduced in Congress last year, but, according to Boucher, there was an insufficient base of information concerning the recommendations and not enough time to pass them through Congress. Boucher expects the new bill to pass by the…

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