Issue 9 and Volume 142.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Experience counts in fire investigation The articles “The Archeology of Fire Investigation” and “Fire Investigation Texts: How Good Are They?” in the June 1989 issue of Fire Engineering show diverse thinking on this inexact science. Much can be learned from both articles if the reader applies logic and/or has some personal experience. However, the “Archeology” article raises some points of concern. First, Charles G. King and Shelly King write, “In most cases, before we have even arrived at the burn site we know the burn time, construction of the building, the description of the premises, the method of extinguishment, the path of the fire, the temperature of various combustibles, the fire load, evidence of charring both in depth and in location, and many other indicators.” A firefighter or lay person can be misled to think a fire investigator has some rare gift of perception or unique…

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