Titanium Tetrachloride

Issue 9 and Volume 142.

CHEMICAL DATA NOTEBOOK SERIES #40 Titanium Tetrachloride HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TITANRIM tetrachloride is a corrosive, water-reactive, toxic, irritating, colorless, fuming liquid with an acrid, choking odor, it is used in the manufacture of titanium metal, pigments, other titanium compounds, and catalysts for polymerization. Titanium metal is very valuable because of its lightness and strength, while titanium pigments are very valuable to the paint and plastics industries. Titanium dioxide is the most widely used white pigment where “whiteness” and opacity are required. Its chemical formula is TiCl4. PROPERTIES Titanium tetrachloride is a nonflammable liquid, but some references say it will burn in oxygen. It is a stable chemical but reacts violently with many other chemicals. It has a specific gravity of 1.73, a vapor density of 5.54, and a molecular weight of 189.7. It boils at 278°F, freezes at -9.8°F, and is soluble in cold water. It reacts violently with hot water…

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