Issue 9 and Volume 142.

FIREFIGHTING IS DIFFERENT TODAY! EDITOR’S OPINION Had not my grandfather’s life been snuffed out in an explosion while fighting fire in a gas works in 1920, he would have said that my father’s “today’s” fires were not the same or as bad as his own. I’m sure, because that’s exactly what my father told me at the end of his 37-year career as I started fighting my “today’s” fires. Neither my father nor his father were different than any of the yesteryear firefighters evaluating the operations to which they no longer respond. Now, I’m yesteryear. There’ll be no more of my “today’s” fires—no more 10,000-run companies and no more “burn, baby, burn” experiences of the intensity found in major cities 18 to 20 years ago. Today’s firefighter looks at his tradition. He’s also told it’s easier now. But is it? The firefighting force is performing with criminally short manning levels.…

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