Issue 9 and Volume 142.

FIRE BREAKS DOWN CONCRETE FIRE REPORT An intense fire in an industrial section of Chicago causes massive structural damage to a fire-resistive concrete building. (Photo by Chicago Fire Department.) (Photo by Chicago Fire Department.) IN CHICAGO on the afternoon of Friday, April 14, 1989, a fire involving thousands of old automobile and truck tires illegally dumped in a vacant building resulted in unusually severe structural damage to a sevenstory industrial building. Tire fires are notorious throughout the fire service for being extremely hot, smoky, and difficult to extinguish, but even by fire service standards this fire was exceptional. Before it was over, seven alarms were struck and overhaul continued for more than a week. The fire buildings were located in a row of large industrial structures that extended for more than one city block. Some of the buildings were in use as manufacturing or warehouse facilities. This industrial section was…

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