Issue 9 and Volume 142.

PORTABLE PUMPS FOR FIREFIGHTING VOLUNTEERS CORNER THE PORTABLE PUMP is often overlooked as a firefighting pump due in large part to its long set-up time and its relatively limited capacity as compared with a truck-mounted pump. However, it can be extremely useful in fire situations where it is impossible or undesirable to use a truck-mounted pump. TYPES OF PORTABLE PUMPS The National Fire Protection Association classifies firefighting pumps in three basic groups. The smallest type is the small-volume, relatively high-pressure pump. It is light and portable and can deliver 15 to 20 gallons per minute at 200 psi net pressure through a oneinch discharge while taking suction through a 1 1/2-inch inlet. It is useful for such situations as brush fires, where limited quantities of water are needed but long hoselavs are required. The NFPA calls the midsize portable pump a medium-volume, medium-pressure pump, This type provides limited use for…

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