Issue 10 and Volume 142.

OVERCOMING FEAR OF COMPUTERS MANAGEMENT FIRE CHIEFS today are facing tough choices concerning the acquisition of computers. Some allow city managers, data processing/finance departments, programmers, and other outside specialists to make the choices for them—with little or no fire department input. But others find it is to their department’s benefit to become “computer smart” and find the best system for their needs. Granted, various fire departments have different levels of computerization. Many still operate without any type of computerized information system. But in this computer age, more and more departments are finding that high technology is not only desirable, it is necessary to maintain the high level of service the community expects. Fire service managers welcome new advances in firefighting technology with open arms, but when it comes to automating their departments, many tend to shy away from new technology. Studies have shown that many top-level and middle-level managers admit…

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