Issue 10 and Volume 142.

ANOTHER FRIEND DIED TODAY EDITOR’S OPINION Having friends and family in this business called fire is like playing roulette with serious injury and death notification. My friend was an active man, a family man, a volunteer—a good man. No one else was at the fire station when an alarm announced fire in a downtown mercantile establishment. My friend leaped to the 20-ton fire truck and pulled it to the apron to await firefighters responding from home. “One, here’s two more, and another. Go.” He didn’t have to go very far; town was only a short distance from the station—a left, a right, and straight to the fire. Picking the best position possible, he rigged the cab, rechecked it, and opened the door. Turning to lOOk over his right shoulder at the fire building, he held fast to the door as he probed for the asphalt with one foot. He understood…

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