A Guide to Chassis Selection

Issue 10 and Volume 142.

A Guide to Chassis Selection APPARATUS & EQUIPMENT IN 1906 WATEROUS delivered the first motorized fire apparatus— a 300-gpm dual gasoline engine pumping unit—to the Radnor Fire Company in Wayne, Pennsylvania. One engine powered the drive engine, the other the rear-mounted pump. Like so many technological advances, the acceptance of motorized apparatus was neither immediate nor overly enthusiastic. In fact, many companies continued to use horse-drawn fire vehicles until the mid-1920s. Since their humble beginnings, apparatus have undergone numerous modifications and improvements. Among the first of such improvements was the windshield. Chicago was one of the first cities to specify windshields on its apparatus in 1914. Firefighters who rode on apparatus equipped with such devices no doubt were ridiculed by colleagues. The fire service often has been slow to make changes, especially changes that affect the comfort and safety of firefighters. Thirty-four firefighters were killed in apparatus and motor vehicle…

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