Issue 10 and Volume 142.

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE DUMPSTER TRAINING NOTEBOOK IN A RECENT discussion at the firehouse kitchen table, the subject of dumpster fires came up. One firefighter relayed the following story: The engine company he was working with on a day tour responded to a “routine” dumpster fire. On arrival, the lieutenant ordered 1 3/4″ preconnect hoseline stretched and charged, and the firefighters began to extinguish the fire. During the overhaul operations. an explosion and Hash fire occurred, l uckily, the firefighters had an adequate hoseline to protect themselves. This story made me look back on all the techniques I have seen and heard of lor extinguishing dumpster fires. Most veteran firefighters can relate to stories about climbing into overfilled dumpsters that were set afire to make room for more trash before collection day. Most extinguishments involved the Hooding method — pulling up next to the dumpster and emptying the booster tank from…

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