Issue 11 and Volume 142.

FIRE LOSS MANAGEMENT DISASTER MANAGEMENT A Series by Part 8: EXTENSION -KINDLING, continued WE WILL NOW Continue our discussion of kindling—a combustible material that can be decomposed and ignited by the amount of heat provided by the initial cause. Fire extension starts when initial ignition is applied to kindling. THE DEATH CLOUD Whenever a flammable liquid or gas container is opened to the atmosphere, there is a cloud of ignitable vapors—a “death cloud.” This death cloud exists in the area in which the flammable vapor is mixed with the air in the proper proportions to ignite when a source of ignition of sufficient heat is brought into the cloud. Immediately surrounding the surface of the flammable liquid or the source of the vapor the mixture is usually too rich; that is, there is so little oxygen in proportion to the amount of flammable vapor that ignition cannot occur. Some distance…

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