Air Restraint Bags: Not Just a Lot of Hot Air

Issue 12 and Volume 142.

(Photo supplied by Chrysler Motors Corporation.) Air Restraint Bags: Not Just a Lot of Hot Air RESCUE AS RESCUERS, WE ARE constantly faced with the problems of keeping up with the changes and hazards that go hand in hand with new technology, This is quite evident when dealing with automobiles that either are involved in accidents or are burning. Every year brings us new technological advances and hidden hazards such as shock-absorbing bumpers, dangerous gases from burning plastics, and pressurized fuel systems. It seems that as cars get safer for the occupants, rescuers have more to worry about. A major change in vehicle design brought about by federal law is nowsurfacing: By the 1990 model year, all automakers are required to provide a passive restraint system in every passenger car sold in the United States. This passive restraint system can be either automatic motorized seat belts or air bags combined…

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