Issue 12 and Volume 142.

POSITIVE-PRESSURE VENTILATION ON THE FIREGROUND STRATEGY & TACTICS FOR SOME TIME, many of our discussions at the Mallets Bay, Vermont Volunteer Fire Department had centered around positive-pressure ventilation. We had all read articles expounding its benefits on the fireground but we had not had the opportunity to see it for ourselves. Our assistant chief brought in a video training tape on the subject and we arranged for a practical drill, using the fire station as a structure. We rigged streamers around all the possible horizontal openings to the station and supplied positive pressure using a pair of blowers mounted in piggyback. Firefighters used different combinations of horizontal ventilation, opening and closing various windows and doors throughout the drill session. We were impressed with the effectiveness of the procedure and the ease with which it could be accomplished. A temporary PPV procedure was instituted to be used in various tactical situations…

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