Issue 12 and Volume 142.

SETTING RECRUITMENT STANDARDS VOLUNTERS CORNER REGARDLESS OF whether your department is career, paid-on-call, or volunteer, you will pay dearly for hiring mistakes. Selecting the wrong individual for the job costs an organization—in time, money, and training. Select a volunteer or on-call firelighter with as much care as you would a career firefighter. Many volunteer departments are faced with a shortage of recruits. Therefore, they have a tendency to recruit only to maintain numbers. The rationale is that a “warm body” is better than no body at all. However, this is not a good way to build a stable, harmonious, quality organization. In spite of the seeming shortage of qualified individuals available to staff volunteer and on-call fire departments, you must reevaluate and maintain standards to continue to provide quality service to the community. You cannot afford to take people who are unqualified or unlikely to succeed. Remember, discharging an individual,…

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