Issue 4 and Volume 143.

REDISCOVERING THE AIR CHISEL APPARATUS & EQUIPMENT “A piece of cake,” Lieutenant McNally said to himself as he continued his size-up of the accident scene. McNally and his engine crew had responded to a report of a single vehicle collision with possible injuries and entrapment. The original dispatch information had been accurate; apparently, the driver struck a tree with a glancing blow to the left front corner of her midsized car. One car, one victim, one jammed door—no sweat, he thought. This would be a good time for Williams, the rookie, to try his hand at operating the hydraulic spreaders to pop the door open. “Lieutenant!” It was the firefighter/ paramedic calling from inside the car. “She says her foot is caught in some of the bent floorboard. I’m immobilizing her head and neck—can’t check it out. Can you handle it?” “We have it,” McNally replied, “soon as we pop…

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