Issue 4 and Volume 143.

FIRE LOSS MANAGEMENT DISASTER MANAGEMENT SFPE Part 13: PHYSICAL BARRIERS TO FIRE EXTENSION The two methods of halting the extension of fire are to put the fire out or to provide a physical barrier to the heat of the fire. The former is dynamic fire protection, which is either manual or automatic (these will be discussed in a future article); the latter is static fire protection. The distinction between the two is not clear-cut, however. For example, a static fire wall often requires the proper dynamic action of closing a fire door to be effective. FIRE BARRIERS The simplest way to control fire extension by barriers is to isolate the combustible material within a fireresistive room. This was accomplished with an old-fashioned “fireproof warehouse”-—a massive masonry building in which material was stored in cubicles, each packed as tightly as possible and then sealed behind a heavy door. The light switch…

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