Building Construction, Firefighter Training, Leadership


Issue 5 and Volume 143.

(Photo by Al Trojanowia.) THE DANGERS OF FIRE ESCAPES STRATEGY & TACTICS “The chief told us to ‘take up,’” the captain says to the firefighters, “but before we go, let’s secure the building. There are a couple of broken windows that have to be cleared of glass shards, the roof scuttle cover we vented must be put back, and we have to raise and reset the fire escape drop ladder.” “I’ll get the drop ladder,” one of the firefighters says, and he climbs out of the window of the two-story brick row house. Standing on the lowest balcony of the fire escape, the firefighter temporarily hangs his pike pole over the railing. With both hands free, he reaches down, grabs the metal rung of the vertical drop ladder resting on the sidewalk, and pulls it upward. Hand under hand, he pulls up each rung waist-high. When the ladder is all…

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