Issue 6 and Volume 143.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST MONITORING DEVICE G.C. Industries, Inc.’s GC #701 monitor is a hand-held monitoring device for identifying hydrogen sulfide gas in both open and closed environments. Digital readout measures from 1 to 1,999 ppm. The device flashes a light and sounds an alarm when safety levels have been breached. Circle No. 10 on Reader Service Card ROTAMETER ICC Federated’s LoFlow rotameter-type flow meter is designed to give accurate low flow reading with an indicator float within a vertical tapered tube. The metering tube contains stabilizing vanes to assure proper alignment of the indicator float in the center of the tube. Circle No. 11 on Reader Service Card PERSONAL ALARM Grace Industries’ Micro Pass small, light personal alarm sends out both an audio and a visual signal if the user becomes motionless for 25 seconds or more. It also may be activated manually and can emit an alarm for up to…

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