Issue 6 and Volume 143.

FIRE PREVENTION: A C.H.I.E.F. CONCERN Your thinking for the 1990s should reflect a change in attitude toward prevention-oriented programs. It was 5:16 a.m. on a chilly Sunday morning in Philadelphia when a call came in to 911 reporting a fire in a private home. On arrival of the first pumper at the scene there was a dense cloud of smoke surrounding the upper levels of the three-story, row-type private dwelling.The officer of the first unit gave a concise initial report to the other responding units informing them of the situation, while the firefighters prepared for an offensive attack. Their actions were quick and automatic. They stretched a preconnected l 3/4 -inch hoseline to the front door. Advancing inside the structure, they encountered a light haze of smoke on the ground floor. The interior stairs were located along the party wall. Correctly, they chose these steps as the path to the…

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