Issue 7 and Volume 143.

MANUFACTURER’S LITERATURE TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT CATALOG Media Resources’ 64-page catalog contains training and management resources for emergency services personnel. It lists qualifications programs, public education programs, and technical skills and operations training packages. Included are more than 100 video, computer software, and book materials from other companies. Circle No. 30 on Reoder Service Card MIRROR BROCHURE Moto Mirror’s brochure describes the Moto Mirror, an electrically operated remote control and heated 7-by16-inch west coast mirror. The mirrors are designed to reduce blindsiderelated accidents. Circle No. 31 on Reader Service Card SCBA BROCHURE International Safety Instruments’ brochure describes the ISI Magnum. The SCBA complies with NFPA, is versatile in use, can be fitted with airline pigtail connections and two Class A haz-mat breakthrough connections, and comes with a choice of communication systems. Circle No. 32 on Reader Service Card HAZ-MAT SUIT DATA SHEET Mar Mac Manufacturing’s data sheet describes The Commander Level…

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