Issue 7 and Volume 143.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST SUCTION UNIT Rockford Medical & Safety Company’s SScort portable suction unit is battersoperated and has a disposable canister to simplify cleanup and minimize the risk of crosscontamination. It is small and lightweight and comes in a durable earning case. Circle No. 10 on Reader Service Card PORTABLE RADIO Ericsson GGE Mobile Communications’ MTL portable radio is a mid-tier unit that is designed to withstand rugged field conditions. It has an aluminum frame, push-to-talk and monitor buttons, and high-quality speaker. It has top-mounted rotary controls tor easier adjustment of volumes and selection of channels. Grde No. II on Reader Service Card TRAINING DEVICE The Columbiana Boiler Company’s Training Ends are used to demonstrate the Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit “B,” which is designed to contain most chlorine leaks encountered in DOT 106A500X chlorine ton containers. They consist of the actual fullsize ends of the containers mounted on a support base,…

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