Issue 7 and Volume 143.

FIRE DEPARTMENT RESPONSE TO SUSPECTED CAR BOMBS STRATEGY & TACTICS Whether threat or reality, this increasingly common weapon demands that you employ some widely recognized procedures—and a lot of caution. Explosive devices placed in vehicles have become a grim reality not only abroad but here in the States as well. And their use is on the rise, mirroring the increase in violence and drug trafficking nationwide. Stephen E. Higgins, director of the Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), says, “There has been a 442-percent increase in the number of drug-related bombings and a 296-percent increase in the number of times both explosives and drugs have been recovered during a search.” According to the bureau, which has primary responsibility on the federal level for explosives and related incidents, there were 912 bombings in 1988, resulting in 60 deaths, 691 injuries, and more than SI65 million in…

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