Issue 10 and Volume 143.

CONGRESSIONAL CLIPBOARD The Fire Service Is on the Move The fire service is justifiably proud of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus, the largest legislative service organization on Capitol Hill. With more than 380 members of Congress involved, the caucus represents the first comprehensive approach to solving the fire problem at the federal level since the publication of America Burning 15 years ago. But what does the caucus actually do tor the fire service? The largest caucus on Capitol Hill isn’t necessarily the most effective, and tackling a problem isn’t the same as solving it. The Congressional Fire Services Caucus is only a foundation on which we have to build. The fire service should constantly ask itself, “What have we accomplished?” and “What do we still have to do?” The clock is still ticking on the accomplishments of the 101st Congress, but the list is already impressive. Several stalled bills have…

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