Issue 10 and Volume 143.

ENCLOSED CABS FOR FIRE APPARATUS APPARATUS & EQUIPMENT There’s no excuse for lack of vehicle safety, as NFPA 1500 reminds us. Take a step back and look at the possibilities before you act on your desire to comply. In recent years one of the biggest physical changes in fire apparatus has been the increased use of fully enclosed four-door cabs to replace the traditional open and jump seat configurations. The trend really began during the late 1960s, when turbulent social conditions and civil riots sprung up in urban areas. Until that time is was still fairly common, even in cold-weather climates, to see fire trucks with open cabs—with no roof or side protection. The rationale was that even though it’s cold, most of the time you’re only in the apparatus for a three-minute run. When civil unrest began, however, many urban departments hastily built plywood or metal protective roofs over…

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