Increasing Your Fire Alarm Literacy

Issue 10 and Volume 143.

Increasing Your Fire Alarm Literacy FIRE PROTECTION Part six in a series that examines a vital link in the fire protection system. Fire alarm system functions revolve around the technical requirements of NFPA 72A, Local Protective Signaling Systems. The key word is local: The local system can be manual, automatic, or a combination of the two. However, because of the special or hazardous nature of some occupancies, most building codes direct that fire alarm systems provide more than simply local annunciation. They require local protective systems to be connected to alarm monitoring services distant from the protected premises. In the following discussion I use the terms public fire department and authority having jurisdiction. In some cases these two agencies are the same, but not always. The public fire department provides field response to the alarm signal, whatever kind it may be. The authority having jurisdiction is the agency charged with…

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