Writing Specs for Mobile Water Supply Apparatus

Issue 10 and Volume 143.

Writing Specs for Mobile Water Supply Apparatus APPARATUS & EQUIPMENT It’s not just a rural concern. For many departments, mobile water supply vehicles are the answer to their fire flow problems. It is rare for a fire department to purchase a new pumper with a pump capacity of less than 1,000 gpm; many are rated at 1,250 or 1,500 gpm. A lot of planning goes into the purchase of a new pumper, and specifications generally ensure that the pump is large enough to furnish the fire flow needed for the protection area. But many departments aren’t nearly as concerned with providing the water that the new pumper needs to operate effectively. Fire pumps don’t manufacture water; they only move it from one place to another. The most common size for a pumper’s water tank is 500 gallons. Simple mathematics indicate that a 1,500-gpm pumper only can operate for 20 seconds…

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