Issue 10 and Volume 143.

FORGOTTEN FRACTURE VEHICLE EXTRICATION This extrication method will help reduce your rescue time, increase safety, and provide a means for more complete on-scene victim care. In the past decade there have been great advances in medical/rescue care for victims of motor vehicle accidents. Training hours for emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and vehicle rescue technicians have increased dramatically. We have more sophisticated, specialized tools and equipment at our disposal than ever before. Our skills and the procedures we use are more refined. These factors, in addition to interagency cooperation between firefighters and EMS, make us better prepared to handle any type of vehicle rescue. But we’re not perfect; there’s always more to learn. Consider this basic description of many vehicle rescue scenarios: Rescue and EMS personnel arrive on the scene within minutes of each other. Rescue personnel stabilize the vehicle and control hazards; they create a primary access pathway—they pop the…

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