Issue 11 and Volume 143.

TREATING VICTIMS THE RESCUE COMPANY (Photo by Tom McCarthy.) When we think of treating victims, we usually think of a seriously bleeding victim of a vehicle or construction accident, industrial mishap, or stabbing or shooting. We tend to associate cervical collars, blood pressure cuffs, various dressings, gauze pads, bandages, splints, and resuscitators with these types of incidents. In rescue operations, however, the first treatment a victim will probably receive is psychological treatment from the rescuer. During complex rescue operations this type of treatment generally w ill be of longer duration than that which normally is rendered to victims of vehicle accidents, shootings, and stabbings. PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT Just how important is psychological treatment? Extremely important. Victims who are seriously injured and are conscious generally have two major concerns: How serious are my injuries and am I going to live? and How long will it take to free me? (The latter question…

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