Issue 11 and Volume 143.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR More to venting I have been reading your magazine since I entered the fire service three years ago. I find your publication very informative. In the article “Venting Single-Family Dwellings” (July 1990) Sal Marchese spoke of using the tip of a portable ladder to strike and break the upper panes of glass as another shortcut for venting the floor above from the outside. Although he did state that this isn’t the most efficient method, he failed to mention that it is also very unsafe. I was taught that even though this method works, we must use it cautiously. We have had a member of our department forced into early retirement as a result of using this venting method at a structure fire. A shard of glass slid down the ladder and struck the firefighter’s gloved hand, cutting through the glove and severing the tendons and nerves.…

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