Issue 11 and Volume 143.

HIGH-RISE FIRE SPREAD: LEARN FROM THE PAST New York City currently has more than 1,000 buildings of 100 feet or more in height, excluding residential or hotels. The first major high-rise fire and million-dollar loss in New York City occurred in the Home Insurance Company building on December 4, 1898. Since then, the experience and knowledge gained from these fires has provided the opportunity to study the problem in depth. Unfortunately, much of the information gathered over the years appears to have been forgotten or dismissed as outdated. The time has come to revive the material gathered from past experiences and use it to assist your high-rise suppression and protection efforts. The protected steel-frame construction of the Home Insurance Building was considered the most advanced design of the time. The fire originated in an adjacent five-story, nonfireproof building and quickly involved the entire structure. The highrise windows overlooking the fire…

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