Issue 11 and Volume 143.

FIRE LOSS MANAGEMENT FIRE PROTECTION SFPE Part 20: GOVERNMENT FUNCTIONS Any building-industrial plant or government facility-that creates a tremendous fire hazard in its work and relies on an outside organization for fire protection should establish an emergency liaison officer (ELO). The ELO functions as a link between the facility and the fire department and maintains a close working relationship with the fire department. Responsibilities include prefire planning for the facility, establishing contact with the fire department in any emergency, informing the fire department about the facility and any specific hazards, and informing facility managers about any of the fire department’s needs. This position is different from that of the fire chief of the plant’s fire department. Every facility that might present special fire problems should establish an ELO, either by hiring additional personnel or assigning an employee the additional duties. Although it may be difficult to staff this position around…

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