Issue 11 and Volume 143.

SINGLE-SLIDE ROPE RESCUES TRAINING NOTEBOOK Ail photos by Ed Hall. The ability to evaluate a successful rope rescue or personal escape technique often is taken for granted both at the individual and departmental level. Many departments purchase a system of ropes, harnesses, and descent devices; establish special rope units to ensure care and maintenance; take careful inventory of equipment and place it in select storage bags; and print bulletins as to proper use. Once placed in service, however, the equipment is seldom seen again. In the fire service rope is viewed as a tool that will be there when needed; little or or no consideration is given to practical, hands-on experience. High-angle victim rescue, as well as rope-escape techniques, are precarious evolutions at best. Often these operations must be executed under less-than-ideal conditions. Rarely is the firefighter called on to effect a victim rescue without the complication of adverse circumstances.…

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