Issue 12 and Volume 143.

FLASH OVER STRATEGY & TACTICS Photo by Jo L Keener. Flashover—sudden fullroom involvement in flame —is the most dangerous stage of fire development. It can trap and kill firefighters. Flashover is caused by thermal radiation feedback. During a fire in a room, the heat is absorbed into the ceiling and upper walls and reradiated downward, gradually heating the combustible gases and contents of the burning room. When the combustibles are heated to their ignition temperatures, the room and its contents simultaneously ignite. FIRE GROWTH There are three stages of a room fire’s growth: the growth stage, the fully developed stage, and the decay stage. The growth stage. During this stage, the fire increases in size from a small flame to a full fire that involves the entire room. It could take anywhere from several seconds to several hours for this to occur. Fire growth depends on the combustible content, the…

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