A City WITHOUT Water

Issue 1 and Volume 144.

A City WITHOUT Water THE JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY FIRE DEPARTMENT GEARS UP FOR A LARGE-SCALE WATER SYSTEM SHUTDOWN BY CALLING FOR 62,000 GALLONS OF WATER ON WHEELS In many areas of the country we take our water supply for granted. Barring unusual circumstances, there’s always plenty of water for home, industry, and firefighting. But consider the far-reaching effects of a full or partial municipal water system shutdown. What would you do? What steps would be necessary to ensure adequate community protection? This was the problem we faced in Jersey City, New Jersey in September of this year when we were without most of our water for almost 30 hours, eight of which were unanticipated. Jersey City, the state’s second largest city with a population of approximately 250,000 people in 19 square miles, is located on the Hudson River directly across from lower Manhattan. It is sometimes referred to as…

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