Issue 1 and Volume 144.

CHILDREN AND FIRE Editor’s note: What follows are selected excerpts and extractions from Children of Fire, Second Report of the Rochester, New York Fire Department Fire Related Youth Development Project. This informative, comprehensive work, funded by the State of New York Department of State Office of Fire Prevention and Control and published in 1986, follows the organization’s 1983 report entitled Juvenile Firesetter Intervention The first report brought into focus the extent of the serious problem of juvenile fire play and the importance of the fire department in combating it. It also pointed to the need for further study; hence, Children and Fire was undertaken. I strongly urge all fire departments to obtain copies of these important, still timely studies if they have not already done so. Furthermore, several members of this project have continned their studies of juvenile firesetting and formed a group called National Fire Service Support Systems in…

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