Issue 3 and Volume 144.

AIRCRAFT INCIDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: A TEAM APPROACH (Photos by authors.) Aircraft incidents may be rare, but their potential is ever present. An incident can happen without warning at any time and in any place. Airrelated disasters present a challenge to emergency responders and can involve significant property damage, loss of life, and traumatic injuries. Objectives must be accomplished quickly and in conjunction with many other responders. Personnel managing the scene of a major disaster must carry out their responsibilities while being pressured by disruptions from other agencies affected by the incident, the presence of the media, and the emotional effects of witnessing extensive human suffering. PREPLANNING LEADS TO SUCCESS Managing a crisis of this proportion requires preplanning, since you must be prepared to handle a variety of situations that do not usually arise during traditional firefighting incidents. Our research shows that no one organization or agency can handle a large…

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