Issue 3 and Volume 144.

LEAKING PCBS A REAL CONCERN Fairfax County, Virginia firefighters responded to a fire involving two electrical capacitors filled with fluid containing PCBs. The building was evacuated and ordered closed until the hazard could be checked. Fifty-one firefighters and civilians were decontaminated. The General Services Administration (GSA), which leases the building occupied by units of the Department of Commerce, announced that it found no evidence of PCB leakage or smoke-spread contamination. A Commerce Department spokesperson, asked whether the Fairfax County Fire Department had overreacted to the PCB scare, replied, “Perhaps there was an overhealthy sense of cautiousness.” The Fairfax County Fire Department is headed by Warren Isman, a nationally recognized authority on hazardous materials. It’s about time fire departments challenged public officials who make asinine statements with the simple question: “Could you qualify to give an opinion on this subject as an expert in any court?” It has been said that…

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