Issue 3 and Volume 144.

ORGANIZING CREWS IN INCIDENT MANAGEMENT Using an incident management system is both a requirement of contemporary firefighting standards and just plain good sense for the fireground commander. Such a system should provide guidelines for assigning resources to fulfill incident goals and objectives, establish accountability, provide communication channels, establish common understandable terminology, and provide for a command structure that can be adapted to any size or type of incident. Several incident management systems have been established that satisfy these requirements. Among these are the National Fire Academy’s Incident Command System (NFA ICS), Phoenix Chief Alan Brunacini’s FIRE COMMAND System, and the California FIRESCOPE System. Many fire departments are using these systems in their generic form or adapting them to suit specific department requirements. Some departments have developed totally different but equally viable systems of their own. Incident management systems are directed at strategic operations yet also must provide structure for the…

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