Issue 3 and Volume 144.

NEWS IN BRIEF Glove basis of firefighter’s lawsuit Firefighter William Middlemiss of Lawrence, Massachusetts recently was awarded $20,000 by a Boston jury for secondand third-degree hand burns he sustained during a 1986 fire while wearing gloves manufactured by the Edmont Division of Becton-Dickinson Company. Under Massachusetts law, the verdict was reduced to S12,000 based on 40 percent negligence on the part of the firefighter. The plastic-coated gloves melt and bum when exposed to flame or heat, explains Neil Rossman, attorney for Middlemiss, who adds that the product was advertised in firefighter magazines in the ’60s. Middlemiss says he purchased the gloves from a uniform supply store between 1980 and 1985. “The gloves definitely are unsafe for firefighters,” Middlemiss stresses. “They melt on contact with heat. If firefighters are using them, they should remove them from service.” Me adds that he brought suit not for the money but to get the…

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