Issue 5 and Volume 144.

COMPLIANCE WITH NFPA 1500: ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT Firefighting is widely recognized as the most dangerous occupation in the United States—each year more than 100 deaths and approximately 100,000 injuries occur. These figures indicate a need to improve firefighter health and safety conditions. The hazards of firefighting demand constant attention. It is an occupation in which potential injuries and loss of life have long been considered “part of the job.” Realizing that the health and safety record of the fire service was unsatisfactory, in 1987 the National Fire Protection Association came out with NFPA 1500, Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program. It is designed so that fire departments can implement it all at once or gradually. In either case, the plan must be established in writing. The standard is intended as an umbrella document related to firefighter health and safety issues. Its main objective, however, is to specify…

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