Issue 5 and Volume 144.

TETHERED DIVER SYNDROME “We couldn’t find it. We missed it by only five feet.” All too often teams ask the same questions after a dive: “Why couldn’t we find the victim?” or “Why did we have to re-search the area? Obviously, the answer is. You missed it—probably because you didn’t plan your first search correctly. Tethered divers—for safety and efficiency reasons—should be used whenever there is lowor no-visibility water. Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario. A witness tells the team that the victim last was seen approximately 40 feet from shore. The tender sends the diver out to the approximate spot—or perhaps a little farther out—and the diver descends to search the bottom. The tender most often will use the safe technique of “bringing the diver home” toward shore while he works his pattern. This technique allows the diver to be more psychologically and physically comfortable because he knows—as his…

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