Issue 5 and Volume 144.

PREPARING YOURSELF: THE SHOULDIS TECHNIQUE TRAINING NOTEBOOK WILLIAM SHOULDIS In 1972 Joseph E. Galvin, a fire chief from New York City, wrote a letter to the New York Times commenting on his 20 years in the fire service. He warned those entering the fire service to “brace yourself” for the challenges ahead. He exhorted the new and inexperienced to be ready to provide a full spectrum of services. Chief Galvin stated that the “nittygritty” of our profession is not structural fires but a host of unexpected emergencies such as vehicular extrication and life-threatening medical calls. Furthermore, he hinted that although we don’t always have the proper equipment or training, “we do the job.” Throughout his editorial, “They Sometimes Fight Fires,” he graphically described the odd ordeals a firefighter encounters. We, the present generation of firefighters. are charged with many of the same diversified duties as were our brothers and sisters…

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