Issue 6 and Volume 144.

MASTER STREAM SAFETY The master stream is an extremely effective weapon in the arsenal of firefighting equipment. Its large-caliber stream has saved many firefighters and prevented the destruction of millions of dollars in property. When improperly used, however, the master stream can result in the death or injury of firefighters and the destruction of property. Firefighters must be trained to position apparatus correctly, control the supply of water to the apparatus, and properly direct the powerfi.il master stream. Three or four tons of water speeding through a nozzle at 100 feet per second is a tremendously destructive force. When improperly directed, master streams have collapsed ceilings, overloaded floors, knocked over brick walls and chimneys, lifted roofs off buildings, and exploded large roof sections of slate shingles into the air. WHAT A MASTER STREAM IS A fire department master stream is a ground-based or aerial device with a fog or straight…

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